Why Sedation is the perfect solution for Same Day Teeth

Posted on 4th March 2023

As Dentists we are very aware that many patients are very anxious about merely the thought of having dental treatment. Dental anxiety is very common, and here at Infinity Dental Clinic we are very used to finding solutions to help our patients overcome these fears and achieve their dream smile.

One of the main things that we hear our patients say they are anxious about is having to spend time with no teeth! We are therefore very proud at Infinity Dental Clinic to be able to offer ‘Same Day Teeth’ to our patients. This means they have fixed replacement teeth from day one!

Same Day Teeth

First picture is taken at 9am and the ‘after’ picture is taken at 2pm on the same day!

This is one of our teams most exciting and rewarding treatments to carry out. It makes such a big, immediate change to people’s lives that we can’t help but all finish the day with a smile on our faces too. It involves removing any of the patient’s remaining failing teeth, placing the dental implants and then restoring them with fixed replacement teeth – no dentures! Understandably, this can be daunting for many of our patients to go through, so we offer this under IV dental sedation. This allows the perfect solution as the patient can undergo all the treatment in one visit rather than having to keep coming back and going through multiple surgical procedures, and also allows them to completely miss out the need to wear a temporary removable denture.

Dental IV Sedation

Dental IV sedation, or conscious sedation, allows even the most nervous patients to feel relaxed enough to undergo the more complex dental procedures. It makes you feel chilled out and calm, ‘in your own little world’. It also has amnesic properties, which means you will forget a lot of the appointment and time feels like it is going a lot quicker. Patients are often amazed at what time it is and how much time has gone by. So not only do you feel more relaxed during the appointment, but you forget a lot of it too! Win, win! This makes it the perfect adjunct to patients wishing to have same day teeth. We had a Same Day Teeth patient summarise it perfectly this week stating: ‘You told me I was going to be relaxed and forget most of it – which is exactly what happened – so I couldn’t be more pleased!’. We are delighted for this patient as not only do they already look 10 years younger but they have conquered their fears and managed to undergo something they never thought was possible for them.

If you are suffering with dental anxiety or are unhappy with your smile, get in touch with us at Infinity Dental Clinic as there is always a way we can help. We love helping even the most nervous patients achieve their dream smile.


Thank you for reading,

Dr Mohsin Patel

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