Wimbledon Whites – Teeth Whitening

Posted on 6th July 2016

It is time for wimbledon and wimbledon means white! White shirts, white skirts, and white shorts.

Teeth whitening for all

With the British summer at it’s peak, maybe we should consider whitening our teeth. For those of you who have already whitened your teeth you will know just how simple it is. With custom made whitening trays you can control when you want to whiten your teeth and how white you want them to be! It really is that simple.

I talk a lot about complex dental treatments, dental implants and smile makeovers. However, teeth whitening is one of the simplest things I do which has a huge influence on your smile appearance. This is why I love teeth whitening and I would recommend this to everyone.

teeth whitening procedure

What if I have old fillings or crowns, can I still have teeth whitening?

If you have existing crowns or restorations on your anterior (front) teeth, we may need to take a slightly different approach to whitening your smile. This is explained case by case to you during your consultation.

Confidence in that smile – real life story

I recently treated a 64 year old female patient who had perfectly healthy teeth. Her only problem as she stated was that ” I never have the confidence to smile, in all of my photographs throughout my life I have covered my teeth with my hand. It is almost an instinctive reaction to the camera and in social occasions.”

A simple course of teeth whitening significantly improved her smile aesthetics. She was delighted!

A few months later I was treating her daughter. She told me her mother was a ‘new woman’. Her smile gave her a new feeling of confidence that made her happier.

This made me wonder – How many people are actually afraid to smile? And how many of these people could easily be given their confidence back with good quality cosmetic dentistry?

  • Dr Mohsin Patel

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