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Posted on 5th November 2022

This patient attended our clinic having suffered with dental problems for almost all of her life. This had a huge effect on her welbeing, her confidence and her quality of life. She was a successful teacher and her job would involve speaking to large groups and professional peers everyday. She had already achieved so much however, her dental situation was surely limiting her confidence and ability to enjoy smiling and eating in public.

Her teeth were in a advanced state of dental decay. Previous restorations throughout her life had been unable to definitively treat the dental decay. We knew that all of her teeth had to be removed and replaced. The challenge was to do this in a way that would never leave her without fixed teeth. As bad as her teeth were, they were not as bad as the thought of going to work and teach a group of students with a ‘removable’ denture. That was the cause of major anxiety for our patient, as well as many other patients facing the same dental dilemma.

Thankfully, a thorough assessment and CBCT scan enabled our team to plan a treatment approach that would enable us to remove all of her failing teeth and replace them with fixed implant supported teethall in a single day! This would mean she would not have to face her fear of ever wearing a removable denture. Her quality of life and smile would immediately improve within a day. Too good to be true? No, absolutely not!

Immediately, following her same day dental implant treatment, our patient left the clinic with all of her teeth replaced with implant supported fixed teeth. She could eat, speak and smile with more confidence that she had 24 hours ago! The treatment was all completed under sedation which meant she was relaxed and pain free throughout. The dental implants take approximately 3-6 months to fully integrate and settle into the alveolar bone. Therfore, it was a few months later that we replaced her teeth with the final permanent teeth. However, our patient never had to be without her teeth throughout this period. She simply had her transitional same day smile replaced with the even better final smile in a ‘straight – swap’ procedure at the 6 month mark.

The biological timescale for osseintegration of implants cannot be sped up. It can take 3-6 months depending on each case. However, our implant team are able to thoroughly plan each case individually to ensure our patients are provided with the best temporary teeth throughout this period of time. This means we can respect the body’s healing time whilst still providing our patients with an enahnced quality of life during their treatment.

We’re really happy for this patient, it was truly life changing for her!

Thank you for reading,

Mohsin Patel

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