From Titanium to Tooth…

Posted on 17th February 2024

I am writing this blog as I sit on the plane from my journey back from Sallanches, which is situated in the area around Chamonix. This is a place well known for it’s ski resorts and restaurants. I wasn’t there for that however, I was there for another gem that few are aware of.

The global centre of implant manufacturing and development for Anthogyr dental implants is situated here. This is part of the Straumann dental implant group. Since 1947, they have been based here, in the valleys within the beautiful Alps. I was fortunate to have been invited by Kate Keating, who has gone above and beyond to support myself and Infinity Dental Clinic over the years, to see exactly how dental implants are designed and what the scientists and engineers are doing to create such well thought out blue prints for the next generation of dental implants. There is so much that goes into creating a dental implant and to spend time with the team responsible for this provided me with an even greater appreciation for all of the dental implants I have used to replace teeth.

I was shown how a tube of raw titanium is tested to ensure it meets the correct grade for medical use. The titanium tube is then carefully milled into the dental implant structure that has been carefully designed. There are then a series of 56 steps that 56 separate individuals are responsible for to carefully check the quality and consistency of the dental implant that has just been milled. This is then carefully treated to ensure it possess all of the surface characteristics to enable it to become biocompatible with alveolar bone in the mouth.

The process is very thorough. There are no shortcuts. Every single implant is checked and tested.

I have always had full confidence in using implants from Straumann and I have never placed any implants into my patient’s mouth from any other manufacturer outside of the Straumann group. This is the reason why.

The research, development and diligence within the Strauman group has always been of the highest standard and the Anthogyr facility epitomises this. They have always contributed to new education and pioneered new designs to help patients and surgeons achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

I am proud that we only provide our patients with treatments using materials and products that are of the highest quality available in the world. We never compromise our patient’s care at Infinity Dental Clinic – we also only use suppliers that also share our values and never compromise either.

Thank you for reading

Mohsin Patel

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