How Dental Sedation Can Help Nervous Patients

Posted on 10th September 2022

Nervous Patients and Dental Sedation

Dental anxiety is one of the biggest barriers patients face to undergoing the dental treatment they need. In fact, it has been reported that around 10 million people in the UK suffer with a dental phobia. Luckily, there have been huge advances in the provision of dental care, with the majority of patients ending their appointment proclaiming – ‘well that was nothing to worry about!’. One of the additional ways we at Infinity Dental Clinic can help the most nervous of patients is the ability to offer IV Dental Sedation for dental care.

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Why have Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation for nervous patients works incredibly well to relax our patients, allowing them to comfortably undergo the treatment they require. We have a large number of patients who have avoided the Dentist for many years, who now successfully undergo large treatment plans that they otherwise would have not been able to complete. They are now delighted with their smiles and very pleased with themselves that they were able to conquer their fears.

What is Dental Sedation used for?

Dental sedation can be used for nervous patients to undergo any of their required dental treatment. It often allows them to have a larger amount of treatment carried out under one visit. It works perfectly alongside our patients having life-changing dental care such as Dental Implants, as these are often the types of treatments patients are worried about. It also helps us provide Implant – Same Day Teeth treatment to our patients comfortably and more relaxed.

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental Sedation involves using a sedative drug to relax you and relieve anxiety during dental treatment. It also has amnesic properties, which means you forget most of the appointment and leaves you with little or no recollection of the treatment – which is even better!

Will Dental Sedation Work for me?

If you are nervous about any aspect of your dental care such as Dental Implants, extractions or fillings, please get in touch to find out if Dental Sedation can help you. We are one of the leading Dental Sedation providers in Leeds and have helped many nervous patients overcome their fears. In fact, what makes us so proud of our patients is that often they have had such a positive experience, they actually go on to be able to have future procedures done without the need for sedation at all!

What our Patients say:

See our google reviews page for hundreds of examples of our patients’ experiences, here are a few examples of how positive they found their sedation appointment:

I wish I could say how my experience went, all I remember is waking up in bed! the team were so patient with me as I have some fear/phobia of needles and have put of the dentist ever since I was a kid, putting up with tooth ache for nearly 4 years, I’m now eating foods with ease, I just hope I don’t get a big tummy! A big thank you to Dr Hannah and her team that reassured me, with great reception staff that will also put you at ease soon as you walk into the practice, you even receive a welcome pack that introduces you to the staff!
Would highly recommend Infinity Dental Clinic for those who are scared of needles or dentist treatment! I will be deffo keep regular check-ups with Infinity and finally got onto a Denplan as I’ve found my second home! – Kris Lambert

I highly recommend this dental practice, the staff are absolutely amazing.
If you are nervous, anxious or simply embarrassed about your teeth this is the dental practice for you.
I cannot thank the staff enough for what they have done. – Danika Arthur

So I’m a very very scared of going to the dentist I mean crying cold sweats and sick to name all the feeling I get. But the team are amazing…… for the lovely receptionist to the dental nurse’s and my Dr Wilson she works wonders she specializes in sedation for treatment and I’ve had this done for my wisdom tooth and extraction on another and can truly was it was the best way forward… they treated me with care love and very understanding… I’m so grateful I found a great practice thank you for looking after me – Emma Allard

I’d had a number of fillings in my teeth that constantly broke. It came time to have these teeth removed and I decided I wanted them replaced with implants. I found all the people I encountered there very friendly and helpful. The treatment started last year with the removal of 4 teeth under a ‘waking sedation’ it was a very comfortable process. As a very nervous patient I was scared and worried. I was put at ease and didn’t feel silly or judged. I now have a near perfect smile, all thanks to the lovely people at Infinity. Thank you, I would highly recommend them to anybody. – Joanne Crosthwaite

Fast forward to June 2021 and I had my big appointment, in a single day with sedation I was going to have all my treatment, old teeth removed, implants fitted, and new teeth attached to the implants. I arrived at the dentist at about 8am and was on my way home by about 3.30pm. Special thanks goes to Dr Wilson for looking after me that morning, dealing with my sedation and talking me through what we be happening. I was tired after the procedure but couldn’t help but smile in the mirror once I got home, it had been a long time since I could do that. – Warren Burke on ‘Same Day Teeth’

Thank you for reading. If you are a nervous dental patient, please be reassured we have many nervous patients, so get in touch and find out how we can help!

Hannah Wilson BDS PGDipConSed MJDF RCS Eng

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