Posted on 3rd August 2016

For the love of dentistry…

How long is the road ahead?

At our practice, myself and Dr Wilson enjoy providing the latest treatments in dental implants, sedation and orthodontics. We are here for the long haul and have plans to develop this practice long term as well. This means we are investing in both the present and the future….

Striving for clinical excellence

I am very passionate about my dental care. At our practice we want to provide our patients with the most up-to-date dental treatments that we believe patients deserve. We named the practice INFINITY DENTAL CLINIC to demonstrate the full range of dental treatments our expert dentist’s provide, as well as our objective to always go above and beyond for our patients.

Practice redevelopment

To achieve clinical excellence we had to improve both the practice environment and the practice dental equipment.

The dental equipment has been improved with the introduction of:

  • DIGITAL X-RAY machines to improve our diagnostic capabilities
  • UPGRADED DENTAL DRILL MOTORS – installation of the latest ‘speed-reducing’ micro-motor kits which is more precise and quieter! We know most people don’t like the ‘loud’ dental drill!
  • LATEST ROOT CANAL MACHINE – We have a unit called the ‘WAVEONE’ which allows our dentists to carry out root canal treatment in a pain free and quicker way. This is usually completed in one short appointment!
  • DENTAL IMPLANT/ SURGICAL EQUIPMENT – our skilled oral implant surgeons are able to provide oral surgical procedures using the most up to date techniques.

The dental services has been improved with the introduction of:

  • DENTAL THERAPIST – our therapist/hygienist, Selina Alam, is highly skilled to provide thorough gum therapy. We are aware that many people live with undiagnosed gum disease which results in tooth loss/loose teeth in later life. Therefore, we believe it is vital to provide our patient with the option to be treated by a specially trained dental therapist.
  • TREATMENT COORDINATOR – We understand that patients undergoing more extensive treatment require extra time and information with a dental professional. We have a dedicated professional, Luke Lucas, who is able to discuss and explain more complex treatments with you in addition to your clinical examination with the dentist.


Practice refurbishment

To improve our patient’s experience, we have undergone an extensive refurbishment to allow for a large spacious waiting area. The dental surgeries have also been updated to ensure a clean and relaxing environment. We designed the interior layout ourselves to ensure it would fulfill our staff and patient’s requirements.

Before we started….

practice before 2practice before 3practice before 4practice before 5

Our amazing building team led by TONY, worked tirelessly…

building teambuilding workbuilders

INFINITY DENTAL CLINIC, we hope you like it…

Infinity dental clinicInfinity dental clinic waiting roomInfinity dental clinic 2Infinity dental clinic Dr Wilson surgeryInfinity dental clinic treatment coordinator

We are extremely passionate about making the dental experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible for our patients. We are proud of the changes we have made as it has been a long road to get here. We are delighted it has worked out as planned.

Our team are skilled to provide the best care, and this change will allow them to flourish. All of our dental team have trained and qualified at UK Universities and continue to update their skills by attending the latest courses in dentistry.

We love dentistry, we love making people smile and we hope you love our practice.

Thank you for reading.

  • Dr Mohsin Patel
  • Dr Hannah Wilson

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