This year has been like no other in recent times. Like most people, I had only studied and read about pandemics in my Biology classes at school. No one anitcipated that we would be facing a worldwide pandemic in 2019 – one that we are still dealing with. No amount of Biology lessons could have prepared any of us for the year we have been through.

When faced with challenges it is always important to take a step back and carefully consider how you will approach the situation.

Our clinic was forced to close all face-to-face care between March and June. This was the ‘first lockdown’ and it was the biggest challenge facing every single person in our country. Our team adapted immediately. We knew our patients still needed care and we were determined to provide this remotely throughout the period of lockdown. We didn’t want to leave our patients stranded without any dental help and our team set up zoom consultations, phone advice and delivery services for medication and temporary restorations so that our patients had a way to manage their dental problems during this very difficult time. We used this lockdown as an opportunity to do something special for every patient who needed us during this time – this is the highlight of the year for me and one that I am most proud of!  Our blog from June recaps our team’s efforts during the first major lockdown and you can read it by clicking this highlighted text. 

Cases from 2020 at Infinity Dental Clinic

We managed to see hundreds of patients remotely during the first lockdown. This meant that we were able to help every patient in a timely manner upon our return in June back to face-to-face care following the government guidance. Our team have dedicated everything to provide the highest standard of care to every patient during this time since June. We used the time during the lockdown to further improve our care and service to patients and this has enabled our team to further improve the care for everyone.

We have helped thousands of patients since the return of dental care in June and it makes me very proud to see how dedicated our team has been despite the challenging situation of working in a pandemic environment. Our team is as dedicated as it has ever been and this year has bought us even closer together in our aim to provide the highest standard of dental care to every single patient at Infinity Dental Clinic.

We hope everyone has a happy 2021 and we look forward to providing many more patients with beautiful and healthier smiles!

Mohsin Patel

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