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White Braces

Are you unhappy with your teeth when you  smile? No need to put up with it… we can give you straight teeth and the confidence to smile with Cosmetic White Braces.

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What are White Braces?

White braces are used to straighten crooked teeth and are an alternative to the traditional ‘train-tracks’. We use ‘tooth-coloured’ brackets, which are made from porcelain, instead of the metal brackets which are used in traditional orthodontic treatment. We are even able to replace the traditional metal wire with a ‘tooth-coloured’ wire.

At Infinity Dental Clinic we use specially designed brackets which are made for each individual tooth. They are stain resistant ensuring that they continue to look good for the full length of your treatment. There are special design features incorporated into the porcelain brackets ensuring safe removal at the end of the treatment.


What to Expect?

CONSULTATION: At your initial assessment you will have a full dental examination, x-rays, photographs and models prepared of your mouth. You will be given a dental report detailing your treatment plan and you will then have the option to choose between White Braces or INVISALIGN®.

FITTING THE WHITE BRACES: If you have opted for the White Braces, you will need an initial appointment to have the porcelain brackets fitted. This procedure requires no use of local anaesthetic. The wire will then be fitted onto the brackets before being gently ‘tightened’. This ‘tightening’ creates the force required to move your teeth to the desired position.

APPOINTMENT 4-6 WEEKS LATER: The wire will have moved your teeth within 4-6 weeks. At this stage we replace the wire and re-tighten so that the teeth continue to move towards their final position.

APPOINTMENTS EVERY 4-6 WEEKS: The re-tightening appointment is repeated until your teeth have moved to their final planned positions. The length of your overall treatment will depend on the extent we need to move your teeth.

On average treatment with White Braces takes between 6-12 months.

REMOVAL OF WHITE BRACES: This appointment is a very satisfying one. Your brackets are easily removed and your teeth are polished. You will now have a new straight smile. To enhance the appearance of your teeth even further, discuss teeth whitening with your Dentist.

Moving Teeth, is it Painful?

You can expect some aching and tenderness in the gums as the teeth begin to move. This usually lasts for the first 3 days after the wire has been tightened and pain killers can be taken if required during this time.

Do Teeth Move Back After Treatment?

Your teeth will always have a natural tendency to want to move back to their original position. Therefore, following completion of your orthodontic treatment we will fit a ‘fixed’ or ‘removable’ retainer to ensure your teeth stay straight.

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White Braces are an alternative to the traditional ‘train-tracks’. They are an effective way of maintaining your confidence en route to your beautiful smile. They are a discreet and cost effective way of straightening your teeth.

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“Now, almost a year on, I am so pleased I walked through the doors and had my dentistry carried out by Dr Patel. I now have an amazing smile and straight white teeth, all down to Dr Patel. I trust his work completely and am never nervous during my appointments anymore.
Everyone I meet, makes comments about how lovely my teeth and smile are, which is testament to what an amazing dentist Dr Patel is. I cannot thank him enough and would fully recommend him as a dentist.” – 
Lyndsey Kelly

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