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Denplan and myth busting…

DENPLAN – A PREVENTATIVE APPROACH TO DENTAL CARE We know in dentistry that a lot of the dental diseases are…

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Infinity Dental Clinic reception desk

What is your dental problem?

As we come close to completing our first month back since some of the covid restrictions were lifted in dentistry,…

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The step by step plan to replacing a missing tooth – with a dental implant

In this blog I will explain the stages of replacing a missing tooth using a dental implant. I will demonstrate…

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Doing what we love…the wait is over

The last week has been full of mixed emotions. We started the week a little apprehensive of how our clinic,…

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Infinity dental clinic working from home during covid19 lockdown

Our committed team…

As we start seeing patients once again at our clinic I am aware of all of the recent news regarding…

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Striving for excellence – through the lockdown

Our aim is to always provide all of our patients and our team with the best dental experience and care…

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